Refer and earn

Referral System

Mubarak Technologies helps you to earn some money by referring new clients to the websites and start projects. The clients will not be over charged for the referral amount and the money will be paid from the company profit. The referred person will get 10% of the total cost of project regarding to the terms and conditions listed below. 

Terms & Conditions

For considering a successful refer, you should follow these terms and conditions or it will be disqualified for getting paid.

01. The person who is referring the clients should contact us before the client contacting us. Any claims after the project is started will not be accepted as a successful refer.

02. The commission amount will be transferred to your bank account only after the project was finalized and no dues are pending with the project.

03. The referral commission scheme is only available on the orders above ₹20,000.

The terms and conditions may added or changed without any prior notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely No! We do not charge any thing extra from clients if there is a mediator between the deal. The amount paid as the referral commission is purely from the company profit.

If you plan to participate honestly, please contact us through Whatsapp to register yourself in this referral programme. So that we can confirm the referred person while the clients directly contact us.

There is no limits on how much money you can earn. We will pay you straight 10% of the total cost of every successful projects. 

The money will be transferred to you once the project is completed and no dues pending regarding the project.

Contact us for any queries

Did you have any questions or want to clear any doubts regarding the referral system. please contact and we are happy to solve it for you.